Noorjit Sidhu

Noorjit has invested in over 40+ startups, including 3 unicorns. Some companies include; The Athletic (exit), Hippo went (public for $5 billion),  and Tractable (now valued at $2 billion). He is also a contributor at TechCrunch, and Guest Lecturer at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (top 3 business school in the US). Fun fact: He has represented a holocaust survivor in court.

Dennis Boyle

Dennis is a Partner & founding member of IDEO; a global design firm known for designing the first manufacturable mouse for Apple (asked by Steve Jobs), to pioneering the field of human centered design, and much more. He has contributed to more than 50 patents, is a consulting assistant professor at Stanford University, and also lectures at the d.school. Fun fact: He has long history of  biking, sailing, hiking & skiing.

Toro Orero

Toro has invested in over 20+ startups, and has a 15+ years experience in venture building in emerging markets. Some investments include: Paystack (acquired Stripe), Tizeti (wireless communication infrastructure) & Internxt; (Europe's leading privacy & encryption startup). He also a startup advisor, and sits on the board of a proposed African University of Technology & Agriculture. Fun fact: He has traveled to 45 countries & 93 cities

Viral Shah

Viral is a seasoned startup veteran. As a co-founder of two successful startups and an advisor to over 20 others, he has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build and grow a successful company.  Leveraging his extensive network in East Afica, he plays a critical role in identifying promising startups and working closely with founders to help them go from product to market.

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