We back applied science, deep tech, and breakthrough technology startups that can generate  significant and measurable impact in Africa, scale to other emerging markets, and then to the rest of the world.
Why we're called Particle
A particle is a tiny basic unit of matter that makes up everything in the universe; macroscopic (like dust), microscopic (like atoms), or even subatomic (like protons). At Particle fund, we're backing companies that are tackling grand and hard challenges at the cradle of scientific innovation.
What we look for
  • Scientific Innovation: Startups & products with strong scientific innovation, proven at MVP level at least (p.s: patents are great)
  • Hardware Bias: Preference for hardware products that consumers or enterprises can see & use
  • Pre-seed: We invest between $250k - $1million as early as possible, usually as your first outside investment
  • Tangible Impact: Significant impact in Africa on the quality of life for it's users (either consumer or enterprise)
Our Value Add
  • Regulatory Support: Navigating regulatory compliance, licenses, patents, etc
  • International Expansion: International hubs in San Francisco, London, Shenzhen, Nairobi, and Lagos
  • Market Access: Access to key decision makers & partners to unlock markets via pre-orders, LOIs, etc
  • Talent Pool On-Demand: Filling initial team needs to keep your costs low
  • Back office Support: Administrative support to help keep you focused on your core competencies

Stay in touch.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to contact us through this contact form or write us a nice old-school letter. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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